Go to Zillow.com as if you are a potential home buyer.  Do a search for homes for sale in your zip code, city or county.  What you will learn is this:

Homes for sale with Zillow Video Walkthroughs are listed at the top!!!. 

Zillow introduced Video Walkthroughs in 2016 providing sellers with a new and powerful tool to engage buyers.  Video Walkthroughs offer a comprehensive visual of a floorplan where photos alone fall short.  Zillow prominently features the walkthroughs at the front and center of listings making them 3 times more likely to get a peek.  Listings without walkthroughs are left with an undesirable bare area, and a plead from Zillow to add one.


As part of a pilot program launched in 2016, Envisia was recruited by Zillow to become one its very first Zillow Certified Photographers.  Attaining the accreditation required mastery of the Zillow Walkthrough feature.  Envisia now provides exclusive, top-quality Zillow Walkthrough services to home owners and relators.