In order to improve synergies and minimize duplication in the implementation of programmes, UNESCO attaches great importance to enhanced coordination and cooperation with other UN organisations. This enhanced dialogue at all stages of program design and implementation is one of the aspects addressed in partnership agreements with non-partner partners. In 1946, the Economic and Social Council adopted Resolution 13 (III), which expressed its desire to “effectively discharge its responsibilities for the coordination of the activities of specialized institutions,” which calls on the Secretary-General to “create a standing committee of administrators of specialized institutions linked to the United Nations to take all appropriate measures, under the authority of the Secretary-General. , to take all appropriate measures. to ensure the full and most effective implementation of agreements between the United Nations and specialized institutions. The SECRETARy-general of the United Nations established the Administrative Coordinating Committee (ACC), then known as the Coordinating Committee. The VAC designation was awarded in 1948 to distinguish it from the ECOSOC Coordinating Committee. A comparative review of UN project partnership agreements for the implementation of humanitarian projects by Ahmed and Cordell, Social Development Consulting UK. At the end of 2014, ICVA commissioned a consulting firm to review and compare the various UN project partnership agreements for the implementation of humanitarian projects by non-people. The objective was twofold: 1) to improve NGOs` understanding of the approaches of the various UN organisations regarding reporting obligations, overheads, partner staff costs, etc.; and 2) identify best practices for informing future consultations with UN agencies when updating their draft agreements.

Corrigendum to the draft agreement (new Article XI), in accordance with the decision of the General Assembly . Joint Declaration of Intent between UNESCO and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Partnership agreement signed with the UN ECOSOC resolution, draft agreement between the United Nations and WMO on the implementation of the free trade agreement between the International Labour Organization and UNESCO, signed in June 2014 by the DG. Draft agreement between the United Nations and WHO – Who officials use the UN-ITU pass-reseed agreement – Note by the Secretary-General promoting integrated approaches between Education and Health for the implementation of SDGs.