Integration negotiations are underway to ensure that both sides benefit from the so-called “win-win” negotiations. Both parties can draw up a list of demands to reach an agreement that benefits both parties. According to Mr. Flippo, “collective bargaining is a process in which representatives of a labour organization and representatives of the organization of the company meet and try to negotiate a contract or agreement defining the nature of the workers` union and employers.” The treaty is considered a constitution drafted by the trade union and administrative representative`s points conference in the form of a compromise or trade agreement. The agreement sets out the mechanisms for enforcement and interpretation of laws for the industry. The right of initiative is limited within a legal framework. Whenever the administration does not comply with constitutional requirements, the judicial machinery is ensured by the appeal procedure and arbitration. However, because of political and economic imperatives, the state was not prepared to promote voluntary arbitration and negotiation and the strength of the parties that flow from it. As a result, the state has the legal authority to refer disputes to an arbitrator or adjudicator if both parties fail to reach an agreement acceptable to both parties.

Since the gender pay gap cannot be attributed to some kind of cause, a number of strategies will be needed to try to eliminate it. While addressing internal market barriers to women`s progress (such as gender stereotypes and their effects on education and employment decisions) is part of this agenda, the most important strategies are those aimed at removing barriers in the labour market. International conventions, such as the ILO Convention on Equal Pay (No. 100) and the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, have given some impetus to action and most countries have now introduced some kind of equal pay legislation or a ban on discrimination in the workplace. However, the effectiveness of these measures varies widely. After eleven days of strikes, an agreement was reached, increasing the salaries of newcomers and veterans, while guaranteeing them a pension. A study of the various collective agreements concluded in India is one of the striking trends in collective bargaining. The important feature of the above-mentioned dispute prevention and resolution mechanisms is that dispute resolution through collective bargaining is fully present and is not referred by simpler, simpler, simple, simple, simple, simple business committees than to the Court of Inquiry and the Labour Tribunal. The decision of the labour courts, the labour tribunal and the national court binds the two parties.

Collective bargaining prevents the government from resorting to violence because it is possible to reach an amicable agreement between employers and workers on the implementation of the legislation.