The employer carries out vocational education, retraining, continuing vocational training and learning a second profession within the organisation and, if necessary, in elementary, secondary, higher and complementary educational institutions, under conditions and in the order defined in the collective agreement, employment contracts and employment contract. If there is no service/expert in the organization, the employer enters into an agreement with experts or organizations providing occupational health and safety services. The Ombudsman`s review of the collective dispute is carried out within a maximum of seven working days from the date of his invitation (appointment) and ends with the adoption of the written decision agreed by the parties to the collective dispute or the establishment of a dispute report. All expenses related to participation in collective bargaining are offset in the manner defined by law, collective agreement and collective agreement. The payment of the services of experts, experts and mediators is provided by the inviting party, unless otherwise stated in the collective agreement. The wage dispute is managed by the conciliation committee within five working days of the order being awarded at the time of its creation. The specified time limit can be extended by mutual agreement between the parties and is established in the form of a protocol. Employers` representatives in the collective bargaining, conclusion or amendment of the collective agreement are the head of the organization or persons authorized by it under this code, laws, other normative acts, the organization`s constituent documents and local normative acts. Sunday is a common day. The other five-day leave is set by the organization`s collective agreement or internal work rules. Both days off are generally granted gradually. Article 84.

The termination of an employment contract for violation of the mandatory rules for its conclusion established by that code or other federal laws The procedures for preparing a proposed collective agreement and its conclusion are defined by the parties in accordance with that code and other federal laws. In order to ensure the regulation of social relations of labour, to conduct collective agreements and to organize a draft of collective agreements, agreements, conclusion and organisation of monitoring the implementation of the collective agreement and agreements at all levels at the same level at the same base, the commissions are constituted by the decision of the parties, composed of the duly accredited representatives of the parties. The written contract of collective responsibility (team) for the damage is concluded between the employer and all members of the collective (team). In the absence of a single representation within five calendar days of collective bargaining, the interests of all workers are represented by the union of more than half of the employees. An employment contract may be terminated at any time after mutual agreement of all parties.