Our company strives to ensure the safety and fluidity of the visits for the traveler and to accomplish the tasks defined in the following points for the traveler. However, this does not apply to cases where we have separate special contracts with the traveller: in the event that our company believes that a traveller is in a condition requiring protection due to illness, injury, etc., we can take the necessary measures. In cases where this has occurred for reasons not attributable to our business, the traveller bears the costs of these measures and bears these costs until the due date according to the method designated by our company. Without prejudice to the requirement for immediate notification of the breach of compliance under Section 11, paragraph 2, travellers must meet the following obligations. Travellers are required to inform the intermediary and the organiser of their nationality if they do not have Italian nationality and must have an individual passport or other document valid for all countries on the itinerary, as well as visitation and transit visas and health certificates that may be required. Foreign nationals will find relevant information about their diplomatic missions in Italy and/or through their respective official government channels. Tourists must also respect the usual rules of prudence and diligence and the specific rules in the countries of the purpose of the trip, all information provided by the organizer, as well as regulations and administrative or legal provisions regarding the package. Travellers are responsible for any damage that may be caused to the organizer as a result of the violation of the above obligations, including return costs. The traveller is obliged to make available to the Organizer any documents, information and items at his disposal that are useful to the organizer for the exercise of the right to surrender to the third parties responsible for the damage and is liable to the organizer for the prejudices that arise from the right to surrender. At the time of booking, the traveller must also inform the organiser in writing of any specific personal request that may be the subject of specific agreements regarding travel arrangements, as long as they can be implemented.

Since the organizer must check whether it is possible to implement them before the contract is concluded, the traveller is always obliged to inform the intermediary and the organizer of the specific needs or conditions (pregnancy, food intolerances, disabilities, etc.), while signing his consent to the processing of sensitive data and expressly specifying the request for the specific services corresponding. Without this agreement, contractual obligations will not be possible. Special applications made after the conclusion of the contract do not require the organizer to implement them, since the contract is already executed, as indicated on the accounting. In any case, before leaving, tourists should check with the relevant authorities (for Italian citizens, the local police station or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs via the www.viaggiaresicuri.it website or telephone operations centre on 06 491115) to obtain general information about the destination country, including information on socio-economic security, health, weather and climate conditions and documents necessary for access for Italian citizens. Because this data is subject to changes and updates, the traveller should consult these sources to verify their official wording before purchasing the plan. In the absence of such an audit or in the event of an error, the intermediary or organizer cannot be held responsible for a missed departure by one or more tourists. The above information is not included in T.O. catalogues – online or on paper – because it contains general descriptor information, as indicated in Article 38 of the Tourism Code, and because it changes over time.