I really enjoyed the four chords, which I often recommend to people who aren`t fans of self-improvement books that they find too angular: if it was a book to read, it would be this one. Easy to understand, straight to the point… Don Miguel Ruiz approaches the law of attraction, the idea that language is creative, the need to be authentic, to control our emotions and to learn to forgive to win happiness. It`s pretty thorough! It is very interesting to resign and analyze our own book of the law to get to know us better and free us from dusty arrangements. In “The Four Accords,” the author proposes to follow four key principles to eliminate the suffering of our human experience and transform it into happiness. I dug into my memories to find out what the causes of this fear were. In my book of law, what agreements could I have made with regard to these thoughts and how can I change my perception of reality to free myself from these fears? Don Miguel Ruiz is a descendant of the ancient Mexican Toltecs, whom he described as a society of scholars and artists who possessed and maintained enlightened spiritual systems and practices of the faith. After surviving a car accident, Ruiz decided to study and formally inherit the values and morals of his ancestors. In his book, he shares with us the Four Agreements (4 agreements) that would allow us to exchange hell on earth for emotional liberation and inner peace. After making it clear that we are not maximizing our full potential for happiness and freedom, Ruiz proposes a solution to misery; a path to healing and healthy belief systems. With only 4 chords, Ruiz teaches us how to implement new ideologies, how to love oneself, to forgive ourselves and to forgive others.

At first, Ruiz describes the true origin of “the human beings.” Men who are essentially of God are pure light, pure love, and we are all divine beings. But the belief systems in which we are born indoctrinate our minds and make us forget our divinity. Ruiz calls this process “domestication”: the agreements that we unconsciously form, which subject us to senseless unhealthy behaviors that create hell on earth. It reveals the control of the mind and the harmful messages we receive as children, which end up developing a distorted consciousness and unhappiness. Hypocrisy and judgment about ourselves and others creates unnecessary fear of living our dreams and fears to express who we really are. Commenting on it? It is a matter of realizing that our years are creations of our thought. When a hypoth`se becomes a belief (“This friend is f`ché against me”), we develop pressure behavior (“I don`t like him anymore” or “I have to convince him to love me” The Four Agreements The Fifth Pilgrim Agreement Group Kaarti Tee 29, 74001 Vilimsi Tallinn Estonia www.pilgrimbooks.ee Korean language worldwide The Book Company MASTERY OF LOVE VOICE OF KNOWLEDGE 3F Nonhuyn Bldg., 13-16 Nonhuyn-dong Seoul South Korea mkkim@thebookcompany.co.kr www.thebookcompany.co.kr The Four Agreements The Mastery of Love The Voice of Knowledge The Four Agreements Companion Circle of Edita Mix SRL Str.