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With a spectacular panoramic view of Mobile Bay high atop the Trustmark Bank Building, Dauphin’s restaraunt makes for a stunning virtual tour.  Along with some of our more common advanced integrations, Envisia’s work on the project included a uniqe twist.  Different parts of the restaruant were captured at different times of the day enabling online visitors to enjoy amazing views at lunchtime, dusk and nightfall.  You can find the tour prominately featured on Dauphin’s website and Facebook page.  When Envisia publishes Google Virtual Tours using StreetView technology, the imagery is also automatically added to Google listings.  VIEW DAUPHIN’S VIRTUAL TOUR


On Google

A unique credential as a Google  Trusted Photographer enables Envisia to utilize StreetView technology for featuring businesses in 360.  StreetView virtual tours are visible across Google listings and are easily embedded on websites and social media.  Learn More from Google.


Advanced Integrations

Advanced 3rd party integrations such as menu overlays make it easy to showcase different areas and features of your business.  For a restaraunt, a menu overlay can showcase your entrance, bar, patio along with other areas and features.  A slick logo overlay and auto-rotation are also included as standard features with our service.  More advanced features can include informational hotspots and aerial panorama.  Other Google Virtual Tour providers typically have much more limited capabilities. 


On Dauphin’s Website

Google Virtaul Tours can be easily integrated on websites in a variety of ways.  Envisia provides integration assistance as needed as part of our services.  On www.godauphins.com, the virtual tour is integrated as a hyperlink as an  “About Us” sub-menu item.  


On Facebook

Our dynamic media solutions make for effective and powerful marketing tools on social media.  Virtual Tours make for particuarly interesting and   engaging Facebook posts.  In addition, a “Vitual Tour” tab can be added to business Facebook pages.  VIEW VIRTUAL TOUR ON FACEBOOK


Still Photography (Including Aerials) Included

As part of Google’s StreetView Trusted service, high quality HDR photography of your business exterior and interior is included.  Aerials too – Envisia holds an FAA drone pilot’s license.  The photography is automatically uploaded to Google and delivered to the client for other marketing purposes.  VIEW PHOTOGRAPHY PORTFOLIO


Business Promotional Video

Along with photography and virtual tour creation services, Envisia provides full video production services.  LEARN MORE


Discounted Pricing for Multiple Locations

Envisia provides services along the Gulf Coast, throughout the Southeast and is networked with photographers nationwide.  For restaraunt chains or projects to include multiple locations, services are provided at substantial discounts.  New Orleans based The Ruby Slipper Cafe has locations across the Gulf Coast and is benefiting from Google Virtual Tours and other services from Envisia at discounted rates.  


Additional Restaurant Examples